We are an authentic Spanish ‘tapas and paella’ restaurant, our chef is Catalan and loves to make all his dishes unique with a personal and creative touch. We are proud to serve tapas and paellas that are not found elsewhere, in fact we do not like to homologate, hence the name “Oveja Negra” (Black Sheep). We prepare everything at the moment, both tapas and paellas, we always have fresh and selected products, and we also offer an excellent homemade sangrìa and the typical Orujo Hierbas, produced by us.
Our goal is to take your palate around Spain, making you discover that not always the most popular recipes are the only ones worth knowing. Spain is large and vast as well as its culinary tradition, so locking it in “paella de Mariscos and paella mixta” is definitely reductive and does not honor the variety of dishes and flavors that characterize it.
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